Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday... Hectic Friday....

Girrrrrrrrrrllll...When was Monday? Like a month ago? I swear I dont' even remember it...I am SOOOOOOOOO Happy today is Friday... today is our last day before break.. and I will tell ya.. these puppies are restless!!! Today is pajama day around here and you let a kid come to school in their pajamas and you may as well give them all red bulls and espresso... I don't know whose idea it was to let kids come to school in their pajamas.. someone must have misguidedly thought it would make therm calm.. like right before  bed... I mean, I get the "Polar Express" reference... but pajamas and school... I am on the fence....
Tonight is the night I have been waiting for!!! "Foxcatcher" is finally finally at my theater!!!! I had to read the book just to get a fix... now.. I realize this movie won't be for everyone.. its full of agony.. thats what I love!! Stories with agony!! Give me Scarlett O'Hara any day!!! 
So go out this weekend and have fun before your crazy ass families come over to your house for Christmas!!! 

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  1. I know. My special needs daughter's special ed class parents bring soda as a treat. Soda. My kid on soda is really really bad. I have had to send notes in saying that she can't have it. So I already know with the class parties they are going to come home really hyper and amped up. I am glad we did not have pj day. I sent them in holiday t'shirts as it's going to rain here in N CA. Cute top on you. Hope you have a really nice vacation. :-)