Thursday, December 11, 2014

My free Christmas card!!!

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll.. if I had to go through the complications of a Christmas card.... I never even cared about Christmas cards until one year... this one year my teammate put her Christmas card up in the copy room... then it caught on like wildfire... everyone had their card with their families pictures up on that door...(sidenote: that friend... now refuses to put a card up on the door... traitor!!!) uggggggggghhhhhhhhh!! Now I have to put mine up... Soooooooooo.. I go to Walgreens and create a card.. ONE card... put it up on the door.. done...then I got kind of likin the Christmas card so I made more.. last year I foolishly accepted some offer to get like 30 cards and used again.. ONE card... so this year... I am creating ONE card for free using an app.. Here is the result...
I put in "Christmas card" on the app store and here we go!!! Free is king!!!
Happy Thursday my friends!!!

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