Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some blog inspiration!!!

See my weird smile? This was right after my hubsband told me my dog just peed on the floor.. so I'm like, "ok, ready.. wait, what?"

I switched up my little cabinet...  the blogs are inspiring me!!!
Good Morning Lovelies!!!! Its Tuesday.... and another gloomy one at that... but I am seriously into these Christmas home tours... last week I told you all about lizmarieblog.com and her home tour.. heres a reminder...
Antler Décor- 12 AMAZING Styling Ideas {Liz Marie Blog}Rustic Christmas porch - A must pin for inspiration to decorate your porch to welcome your guests into your holiday home!
I am SERIOUSLY trying to copy... thus... my little white cabinet.... Liz has seriously inspired me... some more inspirations.... head on over to maisondepax.com and go on the Christmas home tour... yesterdays and todays homes are up for  your viewing pleasure!!Heres a little sample...adorable and simple DIY projects, crafts, and printables for the Christmas holidays via maisondepax.com

You can see why I'm WILDLY inspired right??? Hobby Lobby.... Here I come!!!!
Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!