Thursday, December 18, 2014

What do we want for Christmas.. and other things...

Hey Beautiful!! Here I am.. with a make up from yesterday.. here is the reason I missed WIWW...

look at these raggedy pictures!! And the worst part is that it was a cute little outfit... but heres what happened... My hubsband and I were bickering for 2 days straight.. so when we get like this... 
1. I don't clean out the cofffee maker and he doesnt' make coffee
2. He doesn't get up to take my picture... 
3. I go to bed at like 9:30
So I think we both realized the fight was stupid and pretty much just gave up on it... which is good because I swear, with this Christmas break like a carrot on a stick I am reaching and reaching and still it seems in the far distance! As much as I would love to spread good cheer and good will... I don't know if I can do it to the people I see every day... aka my co workers... I've recieved all staff emails about everything from parking spaces, to kitchen cleanup, to how many copies we're printing... its tedious!!! We're all on the edge... but good news... ONE MORE DAY!!! Tomorrow is the day my co workers and I will all compete for worst present of the staff... I won two years ago with a marrionette that was supposed to look just like didn't.... so tomorrow the BIG reveal... what did Mrs.Bruce get for Christmas??? (Target gift card Target gift card, Target gift card)


  1. Do teachers really like getting Target gift cards? I heard they did. I got one of the girls' teachers a gift card from Target.

    1. Ohh!!! Yes!!!! Last year I got a target gift card for 50.00!!!! It was the best gift I ever got from a student!!!!

  2. Nice!! Well, I got one of the girls' teachers a Target card and I got one of them a movie card. Hope they like them.