Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas... what do we do now??

Merry Christmas friends!!! I will be posting like a mad fool with this NEW COMPUTER!!! I'm soooooooooo happy!!! My hubs did GOOD!!!
This has been a very merry Christmas I must say.... My three readers remember the tragedy of Christmas 2013 and what has gone into the books as the "Chocolate martini incident"  well not this year!!! I was sober as a judge..(like  a beauty contest judge...not like Judge Judy...) but stayed til the end of my little (not somuch) party and then Jack and I stayed up until 2:30 and watched, 'Its a Wonderful Life" when everyone left... Then this morning, Christmas morning... Jack opened his gift, a pair of 2011 retro Jordans  and I was afraid the whole time that 1. they wouldn't come in time and 2. they wouldn't be the ones he wanted... but he was soooooooooo happy.... VICTORY!!
!Now... I have been talking a lot about how bad TV has been... so here are some suggestions to get you through the holidays when TV is horrible...
1. The Dark Matter of Love:  this is on Netflix... a documentary that follows a family of three as they adopt three Russian orphans, a girl of @11, and twin boys @4... a very very interesting view of a complete change in family dynamic....
2. NSF... Work, children, the faint of heart.... Haunted House 2 if you saw "Haunted House" you will LOVE Haunted House 2... it is as raunchy as it gets, trust me.. but let me tell you.. if you have a fear of creepy dolls, this movie will cure it....
3. If you did not get in the Affair season 1 has come to an end and you can now watch all of it on demand... you will thank me!!! I'll be back with more suggestions this week... I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! I look forward to entertaining you a little in 2015:)

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