Tuesday, January 7, 2014

14 Days of fav's... part 4

ok y'all... today's favs? Favorite Dramas (TV) either on the air or not... doesn't matter....

 I loved ER when it was on.. the only problem? Whenever someone would leave  the show, it would take like 20 episodes to do it and I was like, "Just LEAVE already!!"

13.  Law and Order is a show that you can watch when you fold laundry, are bored, or sick... its a great constant... I am devastated that its gone..
12. This one's a new one.. "The Bridge" on FX... I really like this show.. its only had one season, but it set up alot...can't wait for season 2...

11. This is another new show.. "Masters of Sex"... This show is like "Mad Men" with WAAAAAAAAYYY more sex and nudity!!!!
and  speaking of Mad Men... OF COURSE its on the list....
10."The Killing" is  a great show that AMC cancelled foolishly.... Joel Kinnamen... Detective Holder made this show... I don't know what AMC is doing with their channel with all of this ridiculous reality nonsense.... but someone needs to shake them and tell them their dramas are what made them a great channel...

9.Gi.rrrrrrrrrrrrllllll.. I know.. if one more person tells you how good "The Good Wife" is you're going to lose it.... but this season is what changed the game for " The Good Wife"... I like how Alicia is quietly brilliant and a force to be reckoned with... but this season, shes not so quiet. Go on girrrrrrrrrrllllll!!!!

8. In  Treatment is one of those HBO shows that you love and really connect to, and then HBO announces theres only going to be like 10 episodes... but season 1 of "In Treatment" was sooooooooo deep.... I felt like I was in treatment... and girrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll.. you know I need it!!!!

7.  I'm a little late to the game on "American Horror Story"... I didn't watch season one and I watched half of season 2... I liked it.. and i'm now totally on board with it...t

6. This is another show that I know has been shoved down your throat... but this binge TV as they call it... I personally LOVE it.... you forget a lot in that year it takes to put shows back on..... with my memory, I forget week to week....

5.  I was a  little late to the game on "Walking Dead" too....but I have been on board for the last three seasons... and again.. I must urge the  heads of AMC to stay with the dramas!!!!

4. ok.. now... lets say you don't like fantasy... you don't like period pieces... then you're like me... I don't like either.. but I had friends who kept pushing "Game of Thrones" on me... so I got sick and was stuck in bed for a week... I tried "Game of Thrones" and was HOOKED!/!! My Khaleesi has risen from the ashes...

3. ok.. this show, "Boss" was a STELLAR show on Starz... then stupid Kelsey Grammar has to go and bring his infant daughter to the Playboy mansion and Starz cancelled it!!! It was soooooooo good!!! It was all coming to a head too... why Kelsey Grammar??????

2. This is another show that I know gets shoved down your throat... but if you binge watch it, it is really good.... but its like "Game of Thrones".. don't get  too attached to anyone!!!!

and the number ONE DRAMA OF ALL TIME!!!!

of course..... Breaking Bad... I've gone back and watched all the seasons AGAIN its so good!!!!! AMC!!!! LISTEN!!!! MAKE...... MORE......... DRAMAS!!!!!!!


  1. GOTTA love Downton!!!! I'm so happy it's BACK!!!!!!! But you are right......don't fall in love with a character or your heart will get ripped out!

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll don't I know it... its not the same without Matthew!!!!