Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scenes from a weekend....

After my tragic event on Christmas Eve involving me throwing up all over my bed (don't judge!!! I'm a lightweight!!) I have had to reb
build my bed from the mattress up.... I found this velvet like quilt at Target for 35.00... Its  a little dark admittedly... but comfy.......
Next up.... half of this outfit is from where? Groodealz!!! the boots and the leg warmers... I love the legwarmers with the Ugg type boots...I went to of course Goodwill yesterday to look for something cool... I found these numbers that are big stickers... I got the idea  over at It was all about using numbers for decorating... so all I need is  a big frame and I can display my creativity!! Have wonderful rest of the weekend my friends!!!

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