Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wiki tape... who knew???

When holidays come around.. I like to decorate a little at a time... so with Valentines Day sneaking up... I ordered the xoxo from of course... whenever theres a thing on Groopdealz that is decorative, I forget that there is usually painting involved... so when they came in bare wood I was like, "what??? I thought they were the cute decorated ones I saw:(... so I  go to Target (and you know how much I HATE going to Target!!!) and found this wiki What do I have to lose?? so the wiki tape looks pretty good right??? ( I mean from a distance... don't get right up on it... it'll look like a kindergarten project gone wrong...) so for an extra .99 I transformed my little xoxo... I also ordered a bunch of garlands from Groopdealz for Valentines... still waiting... but as they go up.. I'll display....

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