Thursday, January 16, 2014

A bittersweet victory...

I got these pillows at Salvation Army yesterday for 5.06 and 4.06... now.. this is a WONDERFUL thing except.... I bought two of the EXACT SAME PILLOWS at Target for 17.00 each!!! WTH! This is called "not being patient"... if I had just waited like a good girl for the pillows at Salvation Army, all would be right with the world....
I have to submit my "What I Wore Wednesday" on Thursday again as I was lazy yesterday :(

50% of this outfit is from.... Wal Mart..  I know.. they suck and we're not supposed to shop there... but its so cheap... and  look at the cute booties!! I'm linking up with and and for Sharon's "Look What I Got!" linkup!!!

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