Tuesday, April 8, 2014


As my five readers know... I am on spring break this week... Thus being on spring break allows me to blog hop around and see what the bloggers are doing.... One of my favs is jodalamode.blogspot.com.... Jodi is alwaaaaays doing something worth reading about.... She wrote these letters to her people.... Love it... Need to copy....
Dear mrs Bruce's first grade class,
I hope you are having a nice spring break... I hope you are outside running around and having fun.... Know that even though I do love ya.... I don't miss you... I will see you very soon!!!
Dear jack,
Get it together and be the boy I love to see.... Stop actin a FOOL!!!!!!
Dear hbo,
Thank you for bringing " game of thrones" back just when I needed it!!! But stop mentioning rob!!! It's still too painful.....
Dear AMC,
Stay the course and keep creating groundbreaking dramas!!! You're on the right track with " turn" and your new drama coming in June.... Please stop with the reality shows!!! With " mad men"'s PERMANANT ending on the horizon you need to replace it with something REALLY good....
Dear Brady,
Stop pooping in the house!!!! It's beneath you and you know it!!!!!
Dear 55 degree days,
Lovely to see you!!!! Come back as often as you can....
Dear bed,
No matter what anyone says... You are my favorite thing in the world!!!!!
Dear pookapookapooka.
I look horrible and cannot give many pics this week as my showering will be limited.... But I will not neglect you... Kisses!!!!!

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