Monday, April 28, 2014

What I wanted to post while my phone was being difficult...

This is Casey and her boyfriend.. the nerd twins... she got new glasses and his are strangely the same....

Last week was Brady's birthday.... now.. if I had been incharge of it, I would have gotten him  a nice carrot cake or pumpkin cake... but you put my kids in charge and they're like, "What cake?? they only have vanilla and chocolate..."(they don't) they have carrot...

This is Cooper's watch stance!!! He looks out the window to find any squirrels who DARE come to  our yard... if he sees any funny business... hes ON IT!!!! He barks and barks until you let him out to go yell at them!!!!
Its Monday again my friends.. the beginning of a L O N G week.... I dont' have a day off for about a year....and its raining... wah wah!!! Have a wonderful day my friends!!!

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  1. love the pop of red in your scarf!
    xo Jessica