Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dedicated to.... My hubsband.....

Good Morning Lovelies!!!!! Today, on this snowy (Yes.. April 15.. snowy) day is my anniversary.... my 20th anniversary!!! Can you believe we have put up with each other this long??? SWOOSH!!! But in that 20 years I have learned about myself, about the world, about relationships, about love and about patience... I am SO proud of my marriage.. I am SO proud to be Mrs.Bruce!!  I am so proud of our family and the things we can do together... The last 20 years have been the best years... not all have been happy happy joy joy (just read Sept-Dec blog posts...) but I wouldn't trade that man in for anyone... hes my pooka... So happy anniversary to the number one Pooka.... my hubsband!!!!

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