Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIWW... too many clothes???

I am a firm believer that the universe sends us signals of things we need to do... you get little messages all over the place... so last week my girl Allison said we needed to weed out our clothes... she said we really only wear like 10 things over and over again and if we weeded out our clothes we could save money on laundry and eliminate clutter.... so yesterday my hubsband is on a mad tear to clean the garage where a bunch of my clothes were... so he goes, "you just have too many clothes!!!" to which I do NOT disagree... I absolutely use shopping as a therapy or a way out of boredom.... I realize this... it is hard to say things to your self like, "Thats what a hoarder would do... I'm NOT a hoarder..." so I have some self discovery to do... giving up shopping would be hard.... but I can do it... I can find other outlets for my time... I just have to work at it...... but I will NEVER give up linking up with Lindsey over at and Sarah at for their What I wore Wednesday.... Have a wonderful day my friends.... Here is your April quote of the month

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