Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Good Morning lovelies... its Tuesday... as of next Monday.. this guy only has 26 days of school left... now I know 26 seems like a small number.. but alas no... 26 is the biggest LONGEST number in the world... because these last days of school sound like this:
"You only have 26 days left in first grade... if you're not ready for second grade.. they won't take you!!" ( a highly.. highly unlikely event... but I gotta use what I got)
"We have been in school for 150 days and I still have to tell you how to line up?? Outrageous!!!"
"If you turned in your homework, give yourself a pat on the back.. you are getting ready for second grade"
"Do you think the second grade will take you if you can't keep your hands to yourself??? They won't!!"(they will)
so its bascially alot of threatening with events that will never happen... but don't tell my first graders that... as much as they know.. they could be in my class again for next year... a fate worse than anything they can imagine!!!!!
Have a  glorious day today my friends!!

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