Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A very honest wiww...

Girrrrrrrlllll... The things I do for my five readers!!! Today hubs is getting knee surgery  so I don't have to dress up/ put on makeup/ take a shower.... So here I am in all my gross glory..... I told my class I wasn't going to be at school today because every time I'm not at school my class chases the sub away... I have had 4 subs this year write me bad notes and my girl across the hall Michelle told me they said they wouldn't come back.... I'm telling you.... The kids into class are chasing perfectly qualified subs into unemployment.... I literally had one sub who only did a half day tell me."  I don't want to say it was awful.... But it was awful...." Now I know I'm painting a dark picture of my class... I really like them.... But they are VERY needy!!!!and by needy I mean they need feedback ALL THE TIME!!! They tattle, they ask you 765,897 questions a day... And btw.   They are huge.... I mean like 4 ft tall boys... BUT.... They are also.... Honest, innocent, hard working, and wonderfully smart.... So here's hoping I get a good note from my sub.... Fingers crossed... And of course we are linking up with Lindsey over and Sarah from

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