Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The need for unions...

Today is Lobby Day!!! That means in the state of Illinois we are lobbying for more money to go to educational institutions, more structured charter schools, and less income tax for poor families... I am running for union rep in my building... unions are a dying institution and I am trying like heck to keep this one alive... unions are very necessary so we can:
1. Have FAIR work hours and conditions.. our society still views teachers as "babysitters"... babysitters who dont' need health insurance, dental, fair work hours, or bathroom breaks... why does society still do this? because 85% of the teachers in this country are women... especially primary teachers.. if you find a man kindergarten/ first grade teacher... you are lucky... young boys need men.. I wish there were more in primary....but I digress...
2. Teachers are supposed to love working their jobs because they are with children all day.. Doesn't everyone love children??? And teachers just what? Play all day.... NOT!!! Teaching is some HARD WORK!!!. We are constantly being evaluated based on conditions that are out of our control, we are constantly being subjected to new (most of the time unproven) philosophies and have new procedures crammed down our throat, our employment is based on tests that have NO BEARING on the curriculum we are supposed to teach... so for all these reasons... we NEED unions to give us a little bit of shelter from the storms... unions keep a tab on our state legislators so they don't go hog wild with "experts" who want to push an agenda on first graders (i.e. gun control, charter schools, getting more money out of teachers retirements for senator's inaugural balls)
3. It was NOT that long ago that teachers had no rights.. and by this I mean:
 teacher used to have to prove to a nurse that they were actually sick if they called in sick
teachers used to have to spend every minute of the school day and beyond with students (breakfast, lunch, recess, after school tutoring) and if you had to use the bathroom... well there is a package of depends that you can use..(not an exaggeration)
4. Teachers were wives... they were just teaching to get out of the house and because of course.. they LOVED kids!!!! They didn't need increased cost of living pay, insurance, benefits... why do they need them now???

Now I know I'm right up here on my soap box... but I am passionate... KEEP UNIONS ALIVE!!!!

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