Thursday, May 29, 2014

A better frame of mind

ok... I found out last night at about 9:30 that Maya Angelou had passed away... Maya Angelou said, " People won't remember what you said, people wont' remember what you did... people will only remember how you made them feel"... I listened to her on the radio this morning and she said the hard part about being a role model is that you have to actually DO the things you preach... thats my hard part in life... actually DOING the good I preach to my first graders... I tell them we're all friends while I secretly (not really secretly) hate half the people I work with...I tell my first graders we all need to get along but its hard for me... so in the spirit of Maya Angelou I will TRY to help the people I encounter today feel GOOD about themselves... this won't be easy for a special few... but I will try... I did reach out to my co worker last night in friendship and I have made up with my hubsband... Maya Angelou's spirit is working!!!!
Have a LOVELY LOVELY day my friends!!!!

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