Thursday, May 1, 2014


My hubsband was reading my little blog last night and he said that there was a lot of ranting on the blog... he said the reason I only have five readers is the ranting.. he said, " Is this a fashion blog or an opinion blog??" (Now.. he was doped up on hydracodone so his opinions may have been hampered...) I said, "My blog is whatever I want it to be... I can't just put up a pic and not comment... " So I have some more ranting for you today....  My life as it exists now consist of one major thing: driving.... Chris can't drive because of his knee... Casey can't drive because she has legal issues... Jack can't drive because he doesn't have his license.... soooooooooo.. .that leaves me... I drove Chris to his surgery, drove him home, picked up Casey from work, went to the store,made dinner, drove Casey to CVS to get a TB test for work... today's driving schedule:  Leave work, drive Jack to work, drive Chris to dr. appt. drive him home, pick up Casey from work, pick up Jack from work... all with like an hour in between each one... just enough time to sit down and relax and then get back up and drive again.... at the end of the driving there is a BIG glass of wine waiting for me!!!! Have a wonderful day my friends!!!!!

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