Thursday, May 15, 2014

I lost:(

Wah Wah...  I lost my bid for union rep in my building... oh well... win some lose some.... The person I was running with and I are on the OUTS for the immediate and possible long term future... we had a falling out and now I'm bitter....I know.. y'all are going to tell me to follow Elsa and "Let it Go"... but this ones not easy... I'm not mad because we didn't win the union rep... I'm mad because he blamed me for something I didn't do... My new classroom is literallly like in the Siberia of my building... it is soooooooo far away... noone will ever see I'm going to throw myself into my new puppies coming next year... its very easy to get involved and somewhat obsessed with office gossip and drama... I'm getting out of will I keep this next year?? who knows.. time will tell...

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