Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are my dogs smarter than me???

top: Old Navy c/o Goodwill
jeans: Levi c/o Goodwill
sandals: Groopdealz

Last night we had some severe storms here in Illinois.. trees down, lightening, thunder, the whole works... so this morning when I let my dogs out, they go right to the gate door to see if there was any damage that could aide their perpetual need to escape.... so the lock was thrown off and there they go!!!! These dogs are seriously going to get me kicked right out of my neighborhood... people don't take too kindly to little terriers running around and ( I wasnt' there so this is speculation) growling and barking at dogs and people...So did they know that the storm would bring down the house and make an escape easy breezy? Yes... they are sneaky as hellllll!!!!!
But on the bright side.... today is Wednesday!!!! A day that is brightened with Lindsey over at and Sarah over at So have a wonderful a


  1. Dogs are so funny like that! I am loving you sandals!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Right??? These two are little delinquents!!! And btw... I need more pics if your house!!!!