Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is it ME????

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A dark picture for a dark mood.... I know.. my room looks like a bomb went off.... but I digress... have you ever just pissed off a bunch of people and really not known why.... apparently I have done this... and I watch "Iyanla Change my life" and she says to do your work.. and be responsible for your stuff... but right now I NEED Iyanla to point out my stuff... when you feel put down or disrespected you act a certain way... Iyanla would say I need to say, "forgive me" but forgive me for what??? thats the hard part!!!! When you really don't think you did something wrong.... thats why everyone should just live with dogs... dogs never get insulted by your attitude... uggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh... ok.. I"m off to link up with Lindsey and Sarah from and have a wonderful day with no conflicts!!!!! I can't say I will join you....

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