Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shows we need to watch...

Ok friends.. Time once again for shows we need to watch... The reason is because May is the month of season finales and summer means we need shows to watch
1. Ok... You know my love for "brideZilla boot camp"... We'll kick it up a notch and we've got "celebrity brideZilla boot camp"(wetv. May30)
2. Naked and dating..( vh1) now the title makes it really confusing (not) as to what this show is about... But if you like" naked and afraid" " naked and dating" will really curl your toes.....
3. Tyrant (fx) this is a new show and I wish I could tell you what it's about... But I don't... The commercial looks interesting.....
4. Halt and catch fire... This is an AMC  drama and y'all know how much I LOVE AMC dramas... I will admit that I gave up on " turn" but this show is set in early 80's and the startup of  IBM and Apple....(June 1 AMC)
5. Orange is the new black.... This netflix dramedy is set to drop in June.... If you have not gotten on this show, set aside a rainy afternoon/ evening and dive in.... I saw a preview of season 2 and it looks STELLAR!!!!!!
So don't lose hope just because all of our beloved shows ( mad men, game of thrones, the good wife,) are all coming to an end... There is something to look forward to!!!!

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