Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear.... part 3

Dear Mad Men,
 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 3 episodes left????? NO!!!! you have been sooooooooo good this season pushing Don from his pedastal and giving him an everyman complex.... and now he really is going to stop drinking and get his act together.... I will CRY after these three episodes and when you end for good?? I may need an iv drip to get me through it.....
Dear Casey's boyfriend,
 You are so cute when you talk to Casey... you are so interested in her... I will say... I like you... you are good for Casey....

Dear Spring,
THANK YOU for finally getting here...your warm breezes are wonderful and I welcome you with open arms....

Dear 305 (my classroom number) ,
I will miss you....Now that I found out I am moving I will miss you terribly... I will miss your bathroom, your sink, the space you have... my new room is tiny.... but we will still see each other.. just as friends....

Dear Allergies,
I will defeat you!!!!!

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