Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A little flip up...

Good Morning Lovelies!!!Its Tuesday...another day in this week.. look at this hair... I decided to curl it and try to look like a 50's starlet..is it working?? hmmm.. 
when this week is over.. your girl Pooka is going to be happy happy happy.... My evaluation is tomorrow... then I can rest easy.. NO MORE PAPERWORK!!!! The worst part of evaluations is the paperwork... you have to sell yourself on paper and make it sound like you're the best teacher this side of the Mississippi... if you don't write it.. they don't know it... so I have spent AT LEAST 5-7 hours on all of this paperwork... I wouldn't mind if admin came in and spent the whole day in the room if it meant I didn't have to fill so much out...so I am 99.9% ready for the eval... Pray for me... if my eval goes sideways... I will be VERY unhappy!!!!! 

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