Friday, March 27, 2015

Confessions of a Snorer...

Good Friday Lovelies!!!!! Yay!!! We made it.... and I have had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning!!!! I woke up to snow coming down..... on the 7th day of spring... with 4 more days of March... snow... snow.... snow.... Ok.. snap out of it!!!
I got this nettie pot.. at Target... I used to have this one.. and the first one is WAAAAAYYY better.... 
As my three readers know... I have been a snorer for a long time now... I used to sleep very quietly... then, I started snoring... so I tried all kinds of remedies... pillows, breathe right strips, mouth guards, a device that you put in your nose and pull up your nostrils to make you look like a pig... I tried them ALL.. snore spray, tried it... angled pillow? tried it... NOTHING WORKED!!! Soooooooooo.. I went to the ENT.... he said I had a deviated septum and needed surgery... he said I might as well have my tonsils out too... oh.. this was AFTER the sleep studey I did to see if I had sleep apnea... had everything else.. but not sleep apnea... restless leg? check.... snoring? check... grinding teeth? check... but not sleep apnea... so I got the deviated septum surgery and my tonsils out... NOW I should have been a silent sleeper right??? Notsomuch.. it took about 3 months after surgery for me to start snoring again... louder than before I might add.... My hubsband and I fought so bad because he couldn't sleep!!! My mom was a legendary snorer and I knew how bad it was to sleep when someone is snoring... its horrible..I absolutely sympathized with him, but I had now exhausted my resources in order to become a silent sleeper... so he started sleeping on the couch... Until my daughter went away to school... then he moved into her room..with some minor glitches along the way.. it is now his room... NOW.. would I like to sleep with him?? Sure... I think husbands and wives should sleep together... but it is honestly impossible... we get along sooooooo much better now that we are alseep when we should be asleep..and I do miss him in the bed... but again... its impossible... so I have my big ol' bed all to myself and occasionally... my dog( he wildly doesn't mind the snoring:)... So the lesson in all this? If you snore, and you dont' have sleep apnea... sleep alone or get a dog... Sorry....


  1. We have the opposite here, my husband has sleep apnea. He has a mask and the sound of it lulls me to sleep. I do snore but evidently not loud for him to get to sleep. SO much better since he got his mask. But I would be the one sleeping on the couch before he got his mask. I have friends who sleep in separate bedrooms and the female friend is the one who snores (and has sleep apnea but won't wear the mask as she likes to sleep on her stomach, go figure..........).

  2. Can she sleep on her side?? If I can't sleep on my side, I wouldn't wear the mask either...

  3. Nope sleeps on her stomach. My husband sleeps on his side though so you can sleep on your side. I find the humming of the machine helps me sleep. However my friend came to stay with us this weekend on the way back from her mother's house, and my daughter told me that she heard us both snoring,as my friend slept on the couch (we only have 3 bedrooms and the girls have loft beds so my friend has slept on the couch when she visits) LOL.

  4. My husband had a deviated septum surgery too! He still snores as well, but I miss him too much when he is on the couch. Maybe your husband can try sleeping with earplugs? Also, usually my husband snores when he is sleeping on his back. If you can learn to sleep on your side, that may fix the problem.

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center