Friday, March 20, 2015

Five.. Five... Five dollar weeeeeeek...

For the first day of spring we balanced an egg on its bottom.. although Snopes says you can do this any day of the year.. I choose not to believe that and tell my students its science!!!!
I painted and waxed my little table and put it to good use!!

 On St. Patrick's Day we had a leprechaun hunt... we never found him... but we did find his gold!!!! (if you want my leprechaun hunt.. just leave me a message:)

Its been a five day work week and I worked EVERY DAMN ONE OF 'EM!!!!!

I went to Goodwill and went to the mat for this great little cabinet which fits very nicely in my little laundry closet...

I haven't had five events like this in a week... but with St.Patrick's Day and spring in one week.. swoosh!!! Lots of pics!!!
Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND my friends!!!!

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