Friday, March 6, 2015

Two for the price of one..

Dear God when did this week begin? A month ago??? I was all ready to write a nice little blog yesterday.. I even had a topic and the day literally just got away from me...yesterday lasted I want to say 89 hours.. There is no way there were only 24 hours in yesterday.... but I made it to Friday!!!!
I've had this topic percolating in my head all week.. its called, "What does it look like?".. Teachers get stuff thrown at them all the time... "visible learning!!! whole brain thinking!!! love and logic!!! success criteria!!!".. and every time I ask myself (and the admin) "What does it look like in a first grade classroom???" I want to see it live and in person... so I thought... ok.. put it to something else...
1. Being 44... What does it look like??? 
there is some peace in being 44... you know you've been around the block and you've paid some dues along the way... 44 is a good age... my kids are 17 and 20 so they're pretty self sufficient... My hubsband and I have been married for 21 years and that is solid... I know him, but I still remember dating him.. I still remember the urgency I felt to see him when we were apart..I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about him...
being 44 is nice with your friends.. we all have the same maladies, troubles, and issues... When you're 44 and your friends are 21.. you gotta problem....
Being 44 is easy in your looks.. you've seen this face for a long time.. if you don't love that gal in the mirror.. get going!!! Shes been with you through thick and thin and she is suuuuuuuper funny and nice and deserves the 44 year old bod?? thats another story.. she can just get dressed in the blackest darkness and never look in the mirror from the neck down.... At 44 you have to pretty much accept that your child bearing days are over... some may come to it sooner, but Mother Nature is going to step in soon and its not going to be a choice.. take time to mourn that... its ok... grandchildren will come and faces like these

help get you through it... So far 44 has been kind to me... I feel more confident than ever.. I feel appreciated, I feel talented... 44 isn't bad... Don't fear the 44...... 
Have a GREAT weekend my friends..


  1. I love scarves. All I can tell you is wait till you hit 50. I am one year in and it's sure different. I loved my 40's though. My daughters came home and we adopted them in my mid 40's and I really enjoyed those years. I don't feel 51 at all. But I do notice the subtle changes in my body and it's weird. I might look at a piece of clothing on Eleventh Avenue (have you seen the Groopdealz change???) and go "hm, can I pull that off at 50 or not?" And some stuff I have just said no to, even though I thought it was pretty. But scarves? I love scarves. :-)

    1. Girrrrrrrrlllllll!!!!! Don't say that!!!!!! I have exactly 16 years until I retire.... If I'm tired now.... What will 56 look like????? Frightened!!!!!