Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St.Patrick's Day Gorgeous!!! I dont' know about you.. but where I come from (channel the Wizard of  Oz here) St. Patricks Day is ALWAYS cold and miserable.. and today is no exception... I think on St. Patrick's Day you're supposed to think about the Irish ancestors of old and feel their pain....
I remember the St. Patrick's Day of 1994... this one was horrible.. I told my parents I was pregnant with Casey.. ( I wasn't like, you know.. married..) it was sooooooooooo bad.. if there was ONE day in my life I could not relive.. it would be that one...
Now you're all out there saying,"Oh my Gosh.. thats awful!! the day you announce you're pregnant should be so happy!!".. I COMPLETELY agree!!! It should have been happy.. I was happy..but it was different for my parents.. but from that day on... Casey has been announced to the world!!! and for that I am grateful!!!! 
Happy St. Patrick's Day wherever you are!!! 

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