Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Better late than never...

Good... What is it? Evening?? I swear.. I didn't even turn my computer on until 2:00... I got this shelf..
 at Salvation Army yesterday for 12.00 and spent MOST of the day figuring out what to do with it... Isn't it sweet? Here is my little calendar area in my classroom.. Literally ALL from Salvation Army!!! So much storage! 
I got the chair from Goodwill, the pillows, and the little metal table...
 The gals that are on my team were talking about Goodwill and how much I love it... One of the gals goes, "Oh.. Goodwill.. I CAN'T with Goodwill.. I have to draw the line..." Whenever I hear that, I know that this person doesn't know what Goodwill is.. so I asked her, "Have you ever BEEN to a Goodwill?" She goes, "Yeah, to DONATE..."....  I have to laugh... For everyone who doesn't go to Goodwill... thats more stuff  for me... for those who are scared... Goodwill has NEW STUFF from Target, Charming Charlies, Kohls, and Walmart... Yesterday I found a dress from Ross with the tags still on it... I find stuff from H&M all the time with the tags... I am always amazed at people's determination to pay full price for things... well go on ahead... I'll be at Goodwill and Salvation Army paying at least half off for the same stuff!!!
Have a great Night... Go to Goodwill Fear NOT!!!!

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