Monday, March 9, 2015

An Argument for...

ok... over the weekend I mainlined Image result for the unbreakable kimmy schmidt The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt... I had heard about this show a while ago and thought I would check it out... heres what I discovered...
1. Very funny gay black man:check
2. Sally from "Mad Men": check
3. Nick Kroll: check
4. Jon Hamm??!!! CHECK!!!!!
I recommend this show especially if you're feeling blue or sick with the flu (ha.. that rhymed!!!)
I wish I could say my weekend was full of fun and folly, but again, alas no... the temperature here has FINALLY gone ABOVE 40 degrees and now its a big sludge snow mess... Until the snow melts, its a mess outside... However... I was WILDLY excited to turn this table...
 into something more like this....Image result for restoration hardware black coffee table I switched out the coffee table and now its in the garage... I want to paint it with some chalkboard paint and distress it a little.. once all this snow melts.. I am ON IT!!! I thought about painting it white.. kinda like this....Image result for distressed white coffee tablebut I'm thinking and hubs is thinking black would be better... so now to investigate the paint!! Wish me luck!!!
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  1. Cute jacket and outfit and I AM sick with the flu after a weekend trip to LA with my older daughter for my aunt's 90th bday. Came back sick after having younger daugher and husband sick a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I will check out that show.