Wednesday, March 13, 2013

another random post and giveaway winner

First and foremost... the winner of my giveaway is Jessica Mallory Scott!! I love any and all who even look at this blog.. so Jessica.. LOVE YOU!!!
This is my second blog about thoughts....
ok.. I am short.. to say I am 5'2 would be generous... and when you are short ( I wish I could say little... but my thighs won't let me)... people kind of expect you to be like a little sprite.. like Tinkerbell... therefore... when you say something that is challenging to anothers thinking or feeling or ask a question that is challenging.. people are like, "WHAAAAA... Huh??????"... because Tinkerbell is supposed to be nice and sweet and keep her mouth SHUT!!!! I have said before in other blogs that when you are a woman it is difficult enough to get people( ESPECIALLY OTHER WOMEN) to listen to you w/o thinking you are emotional, high strung, bitchy, and confrontational... but when you are a short woman... it makes it that much smaller.. to put it in perspective... you expect a rottweiler to bark and be aggressive.. it really doesn't surprise or annoy anyone.. .but a chihuahua... when they bark, people are like, "uggghhh... how ANNOYING!!!"... so what am I saying... Women.. we need to support our women... take our damn hormones out of discussions... delete the word "bitchy" from our vocabulary and take criticism for what its worth... short people DO have a reason to live!!!!

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