Saturday, March 16, 2013

random thoughts..

Saturday is my day to look at all my blogs and some I haven't seen before..whenever I do this, go to a new blog, I wonder... would I like this person if I knew them? If they were in my life on a day to day basis?? Would they like me? My answer to the latter.. is .. hmmm.. probably....not? I'm one of those people that you either like or don't... whenever my name comes up, I'm sure noone ever says, "oh, yeah, Suzanne? I could take her or leave her"... they either say, "Suzanne is hilarious" or they say, " I HATE THAT GIRLL!!!"... there may be more in the second column than the first... but I will say, I'm happy with that... like when you decorate your house or put together an outfit, I don't know what the style is, but I want you to know.. it is supposed to look like that... I planned it and executed it.. no matter if you like it.. I like it... and above all else... I'm HONEST!!! even if I have to be diplomatic for work purposes (easing a parents tirade)... I try to lace it with some honesty... (like I apologize does NOT mean I'm sorry.. I apologize means, " I apologize that you're crazy)... and honesty is not that high on some people's priority list.. sometimes ego and lets not offend ANYONE EVER is high on the priorty list.. but I'm not that afraid of offending some people...
Now I'm not saying all of this is right or great.. I do need to take some of my own advice and just SHUT THE F UP!!! so that.. I'm working on... I'm also working on not offending people with my presence.. I have work to do on myself thats for sure.. but at least the person I look at in the mirror is someone who I do really like... Suzanne? shes HILARIOUS!!!!

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