Thursday, March 28, 2013

high low link up

Today I am linking up with teachertothecore.blogspot.comfor her high/low linkup!!

First, the High
My high this month would be today!! My class had a visit from the Easter Bunny!! My friend Tim had his fifth graders fill eggs with jelly beans and I hid them all over the room... I usually do a leprechaun hunt with clues all over the school, but I got sick this year  right before St. Patrick's the Easter Bunny left a note instead.. Tim helped me redeem myself..
Now.. the low
This has been a rough month for our teachers.. our district is going through a contract dispute that is going on a year!!! The second contract offer was rejected and we are now going into mediation.. this added to the 54 schools that have been shut down in Chicago and alot of aides losing their jobs.. it makes my heart heavy....


  1. Oh that is so very stressful! I am sorry that your contracts are in mediation. I know it will work out. I am thrilled that the Easter bunny knows where its at and visited you!

    Thanks for visiting me and my linky party.

  2. Come on back and follow me because i am going to add ab out 50 freebies to my blog and you don't want to miss them!!!!!

  3. I feel for you as I read about the cuts in your district. It seems to be everywhere:( That is so cute about the Easter bunny!
    Fourth Grade Flipper