Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No.. this isn't me.. but this is my first blog about something other than my outfit... its a secret... well.. not really alot of people know this.. but to you.. its a secret... I snore... really bad... so bad, in fact that my hubsband had to move out of our room... now.. all you youngins who sleep together will say, "oh, how sad.. old people not sleeping together anymore"... thats what I said whenever anyone who slept apart from their husbands told me that... I was sooooooooo committed to sharing a marital bed that I went through procedure after procedure to cure my snoring including but not limited to: getting my tonsils removed, getting my deviated septum straightened, wearing numerous prosthetic nose clearers that made me look like a pig, and of course every infomercial trick... nothing worked... we fought all the time.. he couldn't sleep... I had very painful surgery... so he moved out last October into my daughter's room when she went off to college... we have never gotten along better... he sleeps like a log and I still have Brady my dog/boyfriend to sleep with.. my snoring doesn't bother him.. so I guess the point of this blog is to say... not everything is how you think it should be.. sometimes you gotta get creative and happiness can abound... love you as always for stopping by...

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