Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear 17 year old Suzanne

1. Remember a while back when I told you my dad was slowly emptying his house out piece by piece? Well he gave me a stack of pics and this was one of them..
2. I apologize to the boys in the pic.. I don't remember you, so if you stumble upon this blog... sorry for using your image w/o your permission...
3. I picked this photo because I look kind of sassy (right?) and skinney (sob!!)
4. If I could talk to this gal... I would tell her... girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll... you look GOOD!!! one day there will be a replica of you out there whose a little prettier..her name is Casey.. Pullleeease!! save your strength.. this girl is going to TEST IT!!! I would also tell her to PAY ATTENTION!!!
*Stop getting distracted by the littlest thing...
* please pay attention to your driving!!! Car accidents are NO FUN and you have no car...
*you gotta hubsband out there is who is a great guy... you're lucky..
*treat your mom and dad better... they love you a whole lot
*one day you will have a son who will treat you better than you probably deserve
*Listen to your gut... its always served you well
and last....
*you is beautiful, you is kind, you is important!!

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