Friday, March 15, 2013


Top: Merona by Target c/o Goodwill
Jeans: Curvy boot by Target
scarf: Rue21

SWOOSH!!! Its never good to start like that.. that means.. swoosh!! I just sat down!!! My day started at 6:50 and HAS NOT STOPPED!!!
1. had a meeting first thing in the AM
2. have contract negotiations and had to vote
3. had noone to take my picture... had to SQUEEZE it in during the day...
4. Had a student (first grade) write an obscene word with permanant marker on my wall...
Now I am putting my classroom back together from yesterday's sick day...
ugghh...Target.. Take me away!!!!
on another note.. I have two more mystery bloggers.. first...Terry.. girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll.. this one LOVES her nails.. she shows them every week...these are her Special St. Patrick's Day nails...
and Andrew.. a shy guy who yells at me every day about putting him on the blog, and then I do, and he says,"Don't show my face"... but again.. baby steps... baby steps...

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