Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the vernal equinox...

ok y'all.. today is the vernal equinox.. which  means you should be able to balance an egg on its bottom.. (if this is a myth , please dont' tell me.. this is like my Santa) so my class tried it and it worked.. would this work on any day? probably.. but we're in first grade... so I am linking up with


  1. how fun!! and I have never heard of that before!! (thank you SOOO much for your comment on my second guessing post too - you made my day. you are the best!!!)

    1. GIrrrrrrrrrrlll.. I only speak the truth!!!

  2. Ooh wow, I wish I had tried this! What a fun activity!

    Thanks for linking up with my blog!

  3. Myth or not, what a fun teacher you are!!! (And I have no idea so I say go with it ;)