Friday, April 24, 2015

All the news thats fit to print

Good Morning!!!! Its Friday... I have a new photog today.. Jack... for some reason (senioritis) he has just been getting up whenever he feels like it and then has hubs drive him to school... this isn't bad.. its just NEVER planned out.. Jack just kind of sleeps in, wakes up with like 5 minutes before school is starting, and then asks for a ride... I CANNOT WAIT until this boy graduates!!! Jack+the bus= failure
why no blog yesterday??? Because I take these online classes to bump my salary... and these classes are so tedious and time consuming that I literally took a day off of work to do it!!!!!! and I"m still not even close to being done!!! The class isn't hard, its just soooooooo time consuming!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know how much I approve of this outfit... I really wanted to wear some little ballet flats, but my feet can't handle shoes without socks unless they're flipflops.. so these shoes?? I don't know if they're acceptable.. but they are comfortable.... 

On other fronts... I have been watching the F/X show "The Comedians" with Billy Crystal and Josh Gad.. .suuuuuper funny!!!! I highly recommend that show
Orphan Black is baaack!!! and it did not disappoint!!! LOVED IT!!!
Coming May 1.. Shark Tank :Behind the Tank... CAN   NOT   WAIT!!!! this is where we see some failures!!!! 
So hopefully you'll be out and about living your life, but if you do have to stay home, try out these shows....

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