Friday, April 17, 2015

Its Friday!!!!

GOOD MORNING!!!! Its Friday... its 70 degrees and I'm wearing sandals!!!! Things are going great and they're only getting better!!!! Now.. based on my blog yesterday.. what problems do I have?? ok..
1. Hubs is out of work.. has been trying for (not exaggerating) one year to get back into the National Guard and it looks like its not going to happen... so hes down in the dumps....
2. How will I pay for Jack's college??? Will he get enough in loans to pay for it???
3. Casey's car is unoffically kaput.. what should she do??? 
Thats about it for now... so things are not wonderful not terrible... but I hope all is well with you... Have a GREAT weekend my friends!!!! 


  1. Aw, been there on the job front. My husband was once out of work for 9 mos. Hope your husband hears something soon. Not sure what to do about your daughter's car and son's college but will think good thoughts for you!.

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrlll.. I need all the good thoughts I can get!!! THANK YOU!!!!