Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We don't really have problems...Part 2

Now I know I talk all about my problems... Hubs has no job... Jack is struggling with college, extended family has issues.. etc.... but it takes a blow to the head with a frying pan to make you see you don't really have any problems...
Last night while I was in bed I decided to just check fb for the night one last time... I keep seeing all these posts for a friend of mine from high school... everyone is sending her messages... so I go on her page and find out her husband has passed away.... This gal is my age (44) her husband was 38.... this is a tragedy... They had 4 kids... I was devastated for her... I have to admit, we weren't like friends who go out together or see each other, we are facebook friends... and every pic I saw of her and her family she was always commenting on how lucky she was to have her family and her husband.  I can't imagine the pain this family is going through today, tomorrow and for the months/years ahead.... So Please pray for her... she needs all the positive energy she can get!!!!!
Have a lovely day!!! don't take your loved ones for granted... send a loving text to therm today....

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