Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is Facebook an Illusion??

Good Morning Lovelies.... Its Thursday... We're almost to the end of my FIVE DAY WORK WEEK!!!! I know y'all are like,"Shut up with your five day work week... you're not special!!!" I know... but I get proud of myself for working five days in a row....
I was up again last night thinking and worrying about my facebook friend who lost her husband...It got me thinking... the things we see on facebook... all the vacations, the parties, the celebrations... is it all an illusion??? Are people trying to make up for something missing by putting an illusion on facebook??? I know when summer rolls around, I get jealous of all the vacations... all the great food... the new puppies people get... and I feel like I"m some kind of loser because I'm sitting here at my house blog surfing.... I asked a friend at work who lost her husband a while ago if facebook is an illusion... she said unequivocally... "YES!!!" she knew people whose husbands were clinically depressed, on 18 different medications just to get out of bed putting pics up of the family handgliding... if we really knew the stories behind the pictures.. would we still be jealous???? Would I feel comfortable putting my intimate problems on facebook??? I have in the past and learned that feelings and conditions change and if I put something on fb that is bad and then it changes... I don't always update properly.... So what have we learned??? I guess don't be afraid to put some troubles on fb... people love to reach out and you may find help from a place you didn't expect... 
Have a great day!!!

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