Friday, July 5, 2013

a July 4th success story

 This is Jack's," I have braces you will never see them" face but so tall....
this is Chris's," Take the damn picture" face...

Hey y'all its Friday... and July 4th is over.. as I have told you.. July 4th is NOT my favorite holiday... but... I did have a very nice little 4th of July.... I went out to breakfast with my dad, came home and watched one of the shows I told you about "Ray Donovan" with Liev Shreiber... pretty good... I'm in... then we took a nap which I slept pretty much like an infant.... sometimes you take a nap and all is right with the world!!!!
then hubsband and I went to fireworks... I was prepared to pretty much just reject the 4th all together and grouch but I'm glad I got out...
today is the "look what I got" linkup at " and so I'm off to see what I can get.... have a wonderful Friday my friends!!


  1. Ha! I love that picture with your husband. That is how my husband usually looks when I'm trying to coerce him to take a picture for the blog. =)

    1. they are so silly!!! My hubsband is afraid of "face recognition software"... like someones lookin for him o this little blog!!!