Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stripes all over.. and a Look What I got..

Top: Gap c/o Goodwill
Capris: Dots
necklace:Lia Sophia
shoes: Wal Mart

I am linking up with Bri from for her stripes linkup... half my wardrobe is stripes so this one was easy....

This one just shows how much  better we look in black and white...

A change up in the living room.. had to do some restructuring....

My "Look What I Got" over at and This cute little phone I got at Big Lots.. They have this collection called "District 23".. I would buy like the whole collection if I could.. but this little phone I got for half off.. so orignally 26.00 I got it for 18.00!! I also got the globe on the bottom shelf of the lamp...

Trying to bring in some black and white in the living room to go with the rug and the black chair...
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  1. Stripes are my favorite pattern to wear :) I'm dying over how cute your chevron chair is! Thanks for linking up :)

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