Saturday, July 13, 2013

the 72nd picture of my bed...

 My 13 blog followers are going to be like, "WHAT?? ANOTHER bedspread???" I KNOW!!!!! I cannot stop tinkering with this bed!!! I get a comforter and then I have to change it up because it gets dirty or ripped or I just get bored.... I found this quilt and sham at Salvation Army for 20.00..its originally from Linens and Things.... I am desperately trying to turn this bedroom shabby chic....theres carpeting in the bedroom and I HATE carpeting.... I would love to just rip it out and get laminate but its so much work.(woooooorrrrrkkkkkk.........grooooooooossssss!!!!) This dog is always happy when I change out the bed.. He thinks its just for him... My sisters and my girl at work Joy asked me "WHY do you have so many comforters???" I said its what I'm drawn to... that and bath rugs... its not healthy I know!!!My sister said shes like that with belts... Do you have something that you keep shopping for even though you DON'T need it??? The bright side? This qualifies for my "look what I got" over at and

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