Sunday, July 21, 2013


I remember when I had my son and I would feed him in the middle of the night because he woke up so often... I would either fall asleep while feeding him or put him to bed, go back to sleep and either way I would wake up in the middle of the night and in a panic yell, "WHERES THE BABY????" Well having a new puppy is about the same thing.. I constantly ask, "Wheres the dog?? is the dog eating? is the dog sleeping? did the dog go outside? did the dog poop? did the dog pee? when was the last time he ate? did he drink water in the last 20 minutes? does he need to be walked?" its a constant monitoring of the dog... hes going to be a big dog so I have to make SURE he knows to go OUTSIDE!!! I have NEVER had a big dog in my life.. only small dogs and small dogs= small poops big dogs = big poops.... but so far.. so good.. all poops outside...3 dogs is no joke... but I can handle it right??? ok... after a glass of wine.....

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