Friday, July 5, 2013

The disorders of a dog and its owner..

This is Cooper.. he is sleeping in this pic but it is only after barking at our neighbors dog for what had to be 1/2 an hour straight.... he was out there like Pauly D struttin his stuff for her to  notice... and in the meantime she is seriously looking at him like, " you're an idiot"... I seriously am starting to think he may have some kind of hyperactivity disorder.... he goes outside in the yard and barks at nothing and then he thinks he hears something and it really upsets him.... but I love him!!!
Now..onto my disorders.. I don't know how many of you have or have heard of "restless leg syndrome"... I know it sounds made up.. but I swear it is real and I HAVE IT!!!  its where you can't stop moving your legs at night... like when you're hot and you push the covers off with your feet... I can't stop doing that and it prevents me from falling asleep... so I told my dr. and she gave me this drug requip.. well it worked on my legs.. they kind of felt weighted down... but it made me soooooo nauseous!!! So my dr. said women get this from not being able to store iron in their system... so she told me to get slow fe and only take it with Vitamin C (so  I take it with vitamin water) now.. I think this is working because last night I slept ok... I take so many vitamins but I don't think I am storing the iron but with the vitamin C and the slow release iron... I am optimistic....theres my medical prognosis for the month....

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