Friday, July 26, 2013

Its hard to be a Mama...

Uggghhh.... When its good its good when its bad its bad... on top of my hubsband's imminent departure which has ruled over this blog for weeks... now it turns out my beloved Brady (seen here)
needs to get two of his teeth extracted.... this is so awful, but I know he needs it because I had another dog, Mattie (seen here)who

had bad teeth for the last part of her life and I think her gum disease spread to her heart and eventually led to her passing... so now faced with the gum disease again.. I have to have the teeth pulled... I am very worried because this will be painful for him...hes a poor baby!!!! I remember when my son got his tooth pulled when he was 5... he was so scared.... poor Brady won't know what hit him... but like I said.. We HAVE to do it... and the 700.00 price tag... that is pretty painful as well.....
But... we again persevere!!! (DEEP BREATH) things can only get better!!!!

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