Friday, July 12, 2013

Mrs.Wishy Washy can't wear mini dresses

Hey y'all... this is like the week of investigating all the wonderful blogs out there in a hopefully valiant effort on my part to improve this little blog....
now the theme of the week for bloggers must be mini dresses because thats all I see out there.... I will illustrate...
Katie from (9 months pregnant btw...)
Bri from

 So you get the picture... I love all of these looks... I just wish I could pull them off... I did find a nice little mini dress with tights on 

and if I ever wear a mini dress I will have to wear tights...let me elaborate... being the age of 43 has gotten me some challenging body parts... my boobs are saggy, I have extra skin from my two kids age 18 and 15 that just never went away.. just kind of stretched some more.. and if you all have grandmas.. most (not all... I know.. but mine) that have like a layer of fat over their kneecaps... it looks like this..
  (disclaimer: these are not my legs)
 so when I wear dresses.. I look like this: 
So to wrap up... to all my bloggers who have nice legs... treasure them!! I wish I had some...

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