Monday, July 29, 2013

Is home where the heart is?

Thats the question... I don't know...Illinois has ALWAYS been my home.. even different parts of Illinois... its always been the home of my family... of my kids... and now home feels empty without my hubsband... and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!! So home is not a happy place.... I feel like I have gone so far in making this my home.. it has everything a home should have.. kids, dogs, furnishings, a big screen TV, pictures... so why would anyone leave it? Thats why I'm so mad... its good here... why leave? Why look for something exotic and adventurous when you have people who love you here? Its the question I've been asking over and over and over again... This is still my home.. it probably always will be... what will come of this home, I don't know... but I HAVE to believe happiness will come again... it will be here... God sees what I can't see and for everything a home is... Wherever God dwells... I'm home.....

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