Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly link up with Mrs. Reed...

Its Monday... that means its time for our weekly link up with Latoya from 

This week's topic... The skittles game!!!!

Red is your favorite ice cream flavor
Orange is your favorite memory from college
yellow is your favorite sports team
Green is your favorite fast food restaurant
Purple is wild card.. (fun fact about yourself..)

ok.. 1. my favorite ice cream flavor has got to be mint chocolate chip.. . but when I was little.. we used to go to this ice cream place, "Mitchell's".. girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll. they had a butterscotch sundae with chocolate chip ice cream from God!!!
2. My favorite memory from college is meeting this gal Maureen... she was so funny.. the first day of class we had to say something about ourselves.. she said her husband worked for Mobile.. I thought like at a gas station... no.. like the cooporation... she was rich.....
3. My favorite sports team HAS to be the Chicago White Sox.. my dad is a lifelong Sox fan.. he used ot have  a business card that read," I'd rather have a sister thats a hooker than a brother who is a Cubs fan.." His theory is to support the Sox.. you can't just love the Sox.. you have to HATE the Cubs...
4. My favorite fast food place is probably.... Culvers... their hamburgers are so good.. the fries.. and I recently discovered the pecan salad...
5. Fun fact about Suzanne.. ok.. I have seen EVERY single episode of "Seinfeld" and "The Brady Bunch"
Now its your turn!!!

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